Hilde Domin

English translations by Meg Taylor and Elke Heckel

'Ich will dich' - a film by Anna Ditges

A young German filmmaker called Anna Ditges came across a poem by Hilde Domin and decided she wanted to get to know the author better. She spent some considerable time with her at her home in Heidelberg, filming as she went. As a result she came up with the much praised film 'Ich will dich', after the poem by Hilde Domin, which is available on DVD (interestingly with subtitles in English and Hebrew). One of the options includes Hilde Domin reading the poem 'Abel steh auf'. The English subtitles obviously imply a translation of those poems quoted. These translations differ from ours and this difference is, to some extent, a reflection of the fact that they are providing a literal translation rather than a poetic version.

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